Monday, December 31, 2007


My last entry had 11 comments! People really do read my blog! yay!

Oh and by the way, I looked back at my pregnancy blog for Chase and realize that i'm already the same size now at 9 weeks that I was at about 15 weeks with Chase. I sad is that!? I had to use a rubber band on my pants today b/c they were a little too tight!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Message from Chase...

Guess what! I'm going to be a....

That's right folks. Chase is excited to announce that Baby Watterson number 2 is on the way! I'm 9 weeks today and am due July 31st!

I'll have some Christmas updates soon (hopefully ;). I've also been meaning to post these family photos for a while now. Our friend Judson took them and he did a great job!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Contest

So at Preston's work some of the guys had this brilliant idea to have a beard contest. If you don't know, Preston works with a lot of our friends so over the last several weeks I've seen some really...well...interesting faces. Some guys kept a clean cut beard...some just let it go even down the neck (I mean...gross)...and some, well, they aren't able to grow much of a beard. This last type of guy, the one that can't quite grow a beard, they call their ever-so-talented-graphic-designer-type wives and ask her to "Photoshop" a serious beard on his photo to put on his voting box. haha. Such a guy is so lucky to have such a wife!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November Photo Update

"Please mom, not again."
Here are the antlers this year:

Here's last year:OK maybe I'll smile once...but only because I'm taking it off.
Chase and Lucy have started playing together a lot lately. It's really cute.
Chase and daddy hiding from mommy. I found you!Chase making a mess with Lucy's treats. All those crumbs at the bottom of the box??? Oh yeah, they are on the floor too. (Notice how he's putting all the green ones back. He's so organized. haha.)
Our Sunday school class was in charge of Children's Bible Hour this month. Here is Preston and a bunch of his friends singing "Father Abraham".
Our heater went out while we were gone for Thanksgiving. Poor Lucy had to stay home in the cold so I put a sweater on her. She was so pouty and mad at me all day. (Editors note: before you think that I'm one of those pet owners that buys their dog a lot of clothes please know that Amanda got it for her dog but it was too small so she gave it to us....and she IS one of those pet owners. ;)
Here is Chase and a few of his friends. mmmm cookies!
Preston playing Rock Band (fyi it's a video game) with some friends. It is a way to put on a concert without having any real talent. haha. OK, some people are better than others...the game gives you a score for the instrument you played. I think Preston did OK. I gave it a try on the guitar and drums and I think I managed an all time low score for both. I ROCK!


We had a good time with my family for Thanksgiving. We ate a lot, had Christmas with cousins, shopped, and ate some more. It was a good time. Here's our family:

Chase loves the four wheeler (four weer as he says it) and it was pretty cold out. Here he is with grandaddy, using socks as mittens.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night Chase, Preston, and I all went to see Go Diego Go Live. Chase loved it. He seemed really serious while we were there and was totally mesmerized. But then when the break came in the middle he was really upset that it went off. He kept wanting us to "turn it back on" like the TV. haha. There was a lot of crowd interaction and he was totally into it. He would point everything out...answer questions...growl when he was suppose to growl....etc. When it was all over he actually cried when we left the building and said "Go Again, Go Again". haha. And he was still talking about it and playing with his Baby Jaguar mask this morning!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Few Randoms to go with the pics

Here are a few things about Chase:

- He gets Noah and Santa confused. (As in Noah from Noah's Ark and Kris Kringle)
- I love the way he says Wal-Mart: Wormit
- We went to a HS football game with my parent's last week and at half time he and my dad got on the field to cheer the team back on and Chase got mad b/c dad wouldn't let him down. Chase kept saying "I wanna play...I wanna play" haha
- He has reached the "terrible twos". He will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat. It really tests our patience. The other night Preston and I were sitting around having put him to bed after a particularly annoying tantrum and I said, "Preston, what happened to our little boy?" Preston just sat quiet for a minute and then said, "I don't know but I think he may need an exorcism." Too true.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Big Photo Update

Happy Late Halloween!

Chase didn't like the mask...apparently Preston did. :)
The Watterson boys carving a pumpkin

Reading time with MiMi!
Chase and I on the slide....he wouldn't go by himself at first...

but when he did he held up the line! haha...he's at the very front. he was definitely the smallest kid on this toy.
He loves crazy uncle Wade!

Great Grandpa Daddy Bill
Playing with Carly
We never have pictures with just the two of us any more! ahhhhh

The grand kids with Mema.
Chase loves his daddy!
A fun merry-go-round with Aunt Wendi

Visit to my parent's house...feeding the cows with Grandaddy

Preston and some work friends went backpacking while Chase and I were at my parent's house. He's the one with the white pants on...haha. One of his friends took their dog, and I asked him if he wanted to take Lucy. He declined. (See a pic of Lucy below.)

Friday, October 19, 2007

So I've been getting some complaints that I have not posted in a while. Most of those complaints have come from Preston...which is weird b/c he is around all the time and knows what's going on in our lives! :) Anyway here are few randoms from the last few weeks:

Preston and Chase playing their "playtars" as Chase calls them.

Watch a video of this concert...

Chase on his "bikikle".

Chase and some of his friends playing on the new, super cool, "playground" in the hall at church.
The next few pics are of Chase and his friends having a fun lunch together. (Oh and the moms were there too. :)

Chase on drugs, eating bread.
Ty in his war paint.
Bryce deciding what to do next with the yummy goodness before him.
Jack just taking it easy b/c mom still has to do all the work.
This is Chase and Sophy. I think they started their own biker gang during her visit.