Friday, October 19, 2007

So I've been getting some complaints that I have not posted in a while. Most of those complaints have come from Preston...which is weird b/c he is around all the time and knows what's going on in our lives! :) Anyway here are few randoms from the last few weeks:

Preston and Chase playing their "playtars" as Chase calls them.

Watch a video of this concert...

Chase on his "bikikle".

Chase and some of his friends playing on the new, super cool, "playground" in the hall at church.
The next few pics are of Chase and his friends having a fun lunch together. (Oh and the moms were there too. :)

Chase on drugs, eating bread.
Ty in his war paint.
Bryce deciding what to do next with the yummy goodness before him.
Jack just taking it easy b/c mom still has to do all the work.
This is Chase and Sophy. I think they started their own biker gang during her visit.


Shannon said...

I love that picture of Sophy and Chase! She just got her trike and she loves it! I'm glad they had fun together.

Carly said...

The concert was fantastic...thank you Watterson Boys!

hejlyeah said...

Those are cute pics. Sounds like he has some fun friends!

Charis said...

Looks like you're having a fun time. We missed getting to see yall at homecoming!