Monday, December 17, 2007

The Contest

So at Preston's work some of the guys had this brilliant idea to have a beard contest. If you don't know, Preston works with a lot of our friends so over the last several weeks I've seen some really...well...interesting faces. Some guys kept a clean cut beard...some just let it go even down the neck (I mean...gross)...and some, well, they aren't able to grow much of a beard. This last type of guy, the one that can't quite grow a beard, they call their ever-so-talented-graphic-designer-type wives and ask her to "Photoshop" a serious beard on his photo to put on his voting box. haha. Such a guy is so lucky to have such a wife!


hejlyeah said...

That's very opposite of Preston's facial hair. Good job.

Carly said...

Merry Christmas! I tagged you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

wow.. I think I loaned that guy a dollar under a bridge last week.