Friday, June 12, 2009

Preston's Road Trip

Preston and 3 friends went on a road trip. Can you guess where they went? (He can post more pictures from the trip later if he wants...I couldn't find them.)
Preston is on the left. :)

New York!

Me, mom, Amy and Leah all took a girls trip to New York! Soooooo fun!

Here we are on our double decker bus tour.
Me in Times Square
30 Rock (poor Amy)
More Times Square

All the other good photos are on one of their cameras...I haven't even seen them yet. :)

Time with Mimi and Papa

Mimi and Papa came up to help Preston with the kids while I was in New York (more pics on that later).

Before that, Ava went for a visit by herself to stay with Mimi and Papa.

Wendi came up to visit a few weeks ago too!

Arbuckle Wilderness

Arbuckle Wilderness was lots of fun. We came from my parent's house and some of our friends met us there for the day. Preston and I had just as much fun as the kids!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mini Family Vacation

On Sunday night before Memorial Day we spent the night at a hotel and then went to Arbuckle Wilderness! It was really fun. Chase loves to stay in a hotel...especially one with a pool!

Ava loved to talk to herself in the mirror!
We had fun swimming. This was Ava's first time to go swimming!
One little monkey jumping on the bed!
I'm running out of time but i'll post pics from Arbuckle wilderness later among other things like time spent with mimi and papa, preston's road trip, my new york trip, etc.

Trip to Emory

We took a quick trip to my parent's house for my sister Leah's wedding shower. I don't have any pics from the shower but here are some other fun pics!

Ava with my sisters.
Chase hauling a basketball.
Ava and her Great Grandmother Rice.
Chase and crazy aunt Leah.
I'm going to be an aunt in August! This is Noah! (oh and Amy too.)
Preston showing off his mad skills.
Chase and Granddaddy.

Chase's School Program

Yes I know this is overdue but here is Chase's school program. He did so good....last year he just stood there! (Top row...second from left.) Sorry about the poor quality photos...I need a new camera.

Here is video from one of the songs: