Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Moving to PreSchool

So I was sitting outside of Chase and Ava's preschool today watching the moms come and go as I was getting all of our things together and I realized something. If you were looking for a way to capture the face of freedom, relief, and weightlessness you wouldn't need to look any further than outside the doors of a preschool. All of these moms go in carrying a ton of stuff; lunch boxes, bags, blankets, car seats, baby carriers, and whatever else their kids may require, but then you should see the change in them as they are leaving. It's amazing. They go from totally weighted down to totally weightless and free in a matter of minutes! I'm not saying these moms don't like being with their kids but boy, moms need a break some times. And the prospect of 5 uninterrupted hours of time that is not dictated by anyone else or their schedule brings a little smile to these moms faces as they practically skip to their cars!

I really started thinking about all of this b/c I was in awe at the amount of stuff I have to pack into my car on a school morning...particularly the first day of school back...It's like we're moving in! I made three trips getting it all (including the kids) in there! But then after I lug all their stuff in and drop them off and am coming back to my car...all I have is my keys. :)

Here they are on their first day back:

(seriously...this is the best pic I got of Ava. I mean, open your eyes kid!) When I dropped her off someone said, "Ava! You grew some hair on your head this summer!" Yes, it's true! I can even put a clip in it!

Chase was really excited! We got in the car and were just backing out of our driveway and he said "Are we almost there yet?". Ha!

And now here's the view from where I sit (that's Rachel Ray):

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here's a photo update for all of my blog readers...all 2 of you. :)

Also I thought I would pass along Chase and Ava's stats from their doctor appointments.

Ava: 19 pounds (20%), 29 inches tall (25%), and get this...head is 18.25 inches (80%) -> girl's still got a big noggin

Chase: 33 pounds (25%), 41 inches tall (60%)

Trip to Colorado with friends:

Summer Time Swimming:

Children's Museum:

Frontier City:

Check out that face! But he loves it!