Wednesday, July 27, 2005


This is a Blog all about Chase Watterson and his family (mom-Sara and dad-Preston). It is a continuation of his Baby Blog ( We'll be telling you all about the new things that Chase does as he grows up...and we may even tell you a little about what's going on in Preston and Sara's lives too.

Chase was born 15 whole days ago on July 12th, 2005. He has been a really good baby so far. He has had lots of firsts in the last two weeks...first bath, first stroller ride, first walk around our neighborhood, first lick in the face by a little white maltese dog, first melt-down (melt-down = uncontrollable crying session), first sleep on his daddy's chest, first attendance at a softball game, first time at the mall, first blow-out (blow-out = poopy diaper that actually blows out of the diaper, yuck!), first smile (most people would call it gas but I say it was a smile), first breath of air, etc.

Chase had his 2-week doctor appointment yesterday. Everything looks good. He is now 8 pounds, 13 1/2 ounces and 21 inches long. He is just about back up to his birth weight (8, 14). He will go back when he is 2 months old.

I never imagined we would go through the number of diapers and wipes that we go through! Funny story: I gave him a bath the other day and I changed his diaper before we started b/c he was dirty. Then I bathed him (we're still doing the sponge bath). When I took off his diaper to wash his bottom he sprayed everywhere including all over the diaper I was about to put on him. So I got another one and put it on and as I was latching it he pooped in that diaper. So I got another diaper and put it on him. Wow! That's 4 diapers in about 10 minutes!

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