Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November Photo Update

"Please mom, not again."
Here are the antlers this year:

Here's last year:OK maybe I'll smile once...but only because I'm taking it off.
Chase and Lucy have started playing together a lot lately. It's really cute.
Chase and daddy hiding from mommy. I found you!Chase making a mess with Lucy's treats. All those crumbs at the bottom of the box??? Oh yeah, they are on the floor too. (Notice how he's putting all the green ones back. He's so organized. haha.)
Our Sunday school class was in charge of Children's Bible Hour this month. Here is Preston and a bunch of his friends singing "Father Abraham".
Our heater went out while we were gone for Thanksgiving. Poor Lucy had to stay home in the cold so I put a sweater on her. She was so pouty and mad at me all day. (Editors note: before you think that I'm one of those pet owners that buys their dog a lot of clothes please know that Amanda got it for her dog but it was too small so she gave it to us....and she IS one of those pet owners. ;)
Here is Chase and a few of his friends. mmmm cookies!
Preston playing Rock Band (fyi it's a video game) with some friends. It is a way to put on a concert without having any real talent. haha. OK, some people are better than others...the game gives you a score for the instrument you played. I think Preston did OK. I gave it a try on the guitar and drums and I think I managed an all time low score for both. I ROCK!

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allyo said...

I noticed that none of the kids in the picture are participating with the Dads...that is how I feel sometimes while I am teaching a lesson! Give Chase a big hug from Camden!