Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here is a much needed photo update

Here are lots of pics from lots of different things that I have been meaning to post for a while:

Check out that stance! He did really well hitting a t-ball for the first time.
Family Pic
Chase with Mimi and Papa
Another family picture
Rock Star!
Two Rock Stars!
The whole band!
Chase and Papa trying to wake up in the morning.
Chase feeding the turtles.
Chase and friends.
Medieval Times with Grammy, Granddaddy, and Aunt Leah
Chase even got a sword!
Silly faces.
Cheering on the knights.
Father-son camp out. The boys had a blast...I think the dads had an OK time too. ;)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ava's Room! Finally done!

We finished Ava's room this weekend! yay! I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. It's a little more girly than I thought it would be when we first started but oh well! I was able to use a lot of Chase's old stuff b/c his room was blue and green and her's is pink and green. A little paint, a new crib bumper, and some homemade artwork did the trick. Here are some pictures...I'll start with the progression of the room:

Several weeks ago Preston's mom and dad were here and they were a HUGE help with getting the room painted. Here is Preston and I taping it up to paint.
Mimi taking a turn at the tape.
Papa getting it all primed for painting.
Preston painting pink!
Here's the final room (well...we still have to make the bed back into a crib from a toddler bed but Chase will still need it for when we have company in a few weeks).
Changing table. We have one lonely diaper in the diaper shelves!
Crib and shelves and Lucy.
Chase getting ready to read books to his little sister.
Here's the diaper bag my mom and dad bought me! Thanks guys! Love it!
I mean do we really have this much clothes already? Most is second hand but I'll take all I can get!

Baby Shower!

My awesome friends threw Ava and I a baby shower on Thursday! It was really fun! We had it at the Olive Garden over appetisers and desserts. Fried stuff, chocolate, and doesn't get much better than that! I came away with lots of super cute clothes, shoes and gear. Ava's going to be one well dressed kiddo!

I took a belly pic just before leaving for the shower. Gettin' pretty huge! I'm 32 weeks along now. Only 8 to go! (And yes, that is a tent in my living room.)

Chase's Room

We officially finished Chase's room today! He has been sleeping in there for a while but now all the decorating is done. Take a look:

Obviously we did a tropical theme! I even hand painted the tree myself!
Chase likes his new room!
I used a big cork board to take up some room on the wall and Chase just loved putting all his art work from school and bible class up! We'll just keep adding to it! (No, I'm not using push pins....what kind of mom do you think I am? Stapler!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Conversations between Chase and I

I'm feeling the need to post some of the recent conversations that I've had with Chase. Here goes:


Chase: Where we going?
Me: We're going home.
Chase: Where we going home?
Me: To our house.
Chase: Where we going to our house.
Me: In our neighborhood.
Chase: Where we going in our neighborhood?
Me: To our house.
Chase: Where we going to our house.

I turn the radio up loud.


(At church)
Chase: Where's God?
Me: In heaven.
Chase: Is that heaven (pointing at the front of the auditorium where the man is praying)


(at church before the offering)
Me: Here's some money for you to put in the plate. We're going to give this money to God to use in the church.
Chase looks wide eyed at the teenager that is holding the plate out for him.
Me: No, that's not God...he's just passing the plate.


Chase: Cars tee tee in the potty.
Me: No they don't.
Chase: Where do they tee tee.
Me: No, they don't tee tee at all.


Chase: Do tigers tee tee in the potty?
Me: No, they tee tee in the grass.
Chase: Like Lucy? (our dog)
Me: Yeah, just like Lucy.
Chase: Do lions tee tee in the potty?
Me: No, they tee tee in the grass too.

(and so on with like all the animals Chase can think of)


Chase is kind of into "always" statements:

"Cars always drive on the road."
"Babies always cry."
"Dogs always tee tee in the grass."


This is not a conversation but an interesting fact. Chase is REALLY into water towers right now. He looks for them when we are driving around. He'll point out the same ones over and over as if they are new every time!

Chase and friends at the zoo, watching the giant turtle eat lunch.