Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pregnancy Update....and other things

1) Second Trimester Here we come!
That's right! Twelve weeks and into the 2nd trimester. I'm starting to show more and more....even if I'm still one of the only ones that can really tell. Though someone did ask me at the gym if I was pregnant...so there's proof that I have an official baby belly going on! (And they were really brave to ask me that at this point....what if I had said no?) I'm still having some really bad days but I'm starting to have more and more good days. I haven't thrown up in 5 days! Woo-hoo! (Although yesterday was a little shaky after I very stupidly ate some guacamole....NOT a good idea.) The baby is about 2 inches long now and growing very fast!

I know I've had lots of requests for a baby blog like last time but the truth is I just really don't have time to keep it up like I should....I'll post updates on here though as often as I can. Last time I was working away from home and like any good employee I updated the blog at work....now I have a home business and a 2 year old.

2) Hockey

So Chase likes to go to hockey games! We went with some friends this weekend and had a great time! Chase is very serious as he watches....you might not think he was having fun....but then he talks about how great it was for days!

Here he is with his friend Alex:

3) Where is Spring?

The only thing worse than getting out in 18 degree weather is getting out with a kid in 18 degree weather. We can get all bundled up and get in the car in the garage which isn't that bad but then when you get where ever you are going you can't just get out and run in. Like today for instance I took Chase to Son Shine School. I get out and have to go around, open the front door and get the bag and lunch, open Chase's door and unbuckle him, put his gloves back on him because of course he had to suck his thumb in the car, get him down with one hand and drag him across the parking lot while he's saying "I hold you, I hold you." "No, Chase just run it's warm inside....lets go fast it will be fun." " I hold you, I hold you." "No come on look how fun this is!" Is that considered a lie?....I mean it WAS NOT FUN. :) But once we were inside all was well and he made a bee line to his class and started playing with his friends.....and I ran back to the car and got right in....no car seat for the next 5 hours!

4) New Look

What do you think about the new look for the blog? I had this whole other design done that I was not able to use. Blogger has changed a lot since I first started posting. I thought I would be able to just add the HTML that I needed to be able to have my own design.....but no I was only able to use the top banner. It was very humbling as a mediocre ex-web designer to realize, "Wow...this is way to complicated for me."

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Times at Christmas

We had a super Christmas. It was great to see both of our families. Chase had fun and really understood about Santa and him bringing him presents. It was great. I have to admit that I spent a lot of time being sick...man this pregnancy is different than the last one....but I had a good time just relaxing a lot and having other people around to take care of Chase while I wasn't feeling great.

My dad is evening out the yard at their house and decided to keep the "dirt mountain" (as Chase called it) so Chase could play. He loved climbing on it and getting dirty....very dirty.
Aunt Leah even joined him on the summit.
Here is Chase and Mimi coming down on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought.
Chase got a Diego rescue center!
Preston and Wade got matching underwear....nice.
Chase opening his stocking.
Preston and Chase both got new sleeping bags!
Chase and Lucy in LuLu's dog cage. I don't think Lucy is having as much fun as Chase.
Wade and Wendi
Mimi and Papa
New Years Eve Party!
We had a party at our house for new years. It was really fun! We played a lot of Rock Band!

You may think we're crazy but some of the kids, including Chase, actually stayed up until midnight. Here's a video of three of the boys at 12:00. I told them to hug and say Happy New Year. This is what I got:

Catch up

Here are a few random things that I have been meaning to post.

This is a pic from Chase's friend Ethan's birthday party. I wonder who won the race?
Preston and I at Preston's work party.
Even if you don't live in the area, I'm sure you heard about the major ice storm around here a few weeks ago. We lost power for a day and a half (some of our friends lost it for like 9 days! wow!) Here is our house with ice coating the trees....the green bush is weighted down.
A branch fell on the hot tub and poked a hole through the cover....nothing a little duck tape couldn't fix!
Here's Chase taking a nap in his coat....man it was cold in our house!
It was so dark at night. If you looked down the street it was so dark and quiet...and a little creepy!
We all three slept on a mattress in the living room...Chase and Preston had fun running and jumping on the mattress!
Here's some video of the fun!

The removal of the facial hair:
Step 1: pre-removal
Step 2: The Handlebar Mustache Step 3: The Hitler Mustache