Friday, February 05, 2010

Longest Post Ever

Longest Post Ever - This is for you dad who called me out on my lack of updates (see comments on the previous post). I think the current trend of waiting a few months then having one big update is a trend that you all can come to expect from me. :)

So here we go, from most recent to back in early December:

We had some fun in the snow last week. Preston was even off of work for a day and a half so including the weekend we were snowed in for about 4 days! It was fun but we all got a little stir crazy at times.

Here's an additional use for your recycle bin:

Unfortunately there are no hills around our house so the only way to make the "sled" go is to pull it! Dad got a work out!

Preston and Chase decided to make a snow man...

within 5 minutes Chase decided he was cold and went Preston built a snowman by himself.

I did help pull the sled a little. :)

We found a new friend on our back deck.

Chase goes through phases with toys. At this time he was into playing "trip" and would pack every bag he could find with his toys and would transfer ALL of them with him wherever he went in the house.

At the science museum you wouldn't believe how much time my kids can spend at this table. Stacking and restacking cups. Maybe I should buy a whole bunch for home!

We took a little trip to see my parents.

Chase giving the 4-wheeler a try

We got a new dish washer and...oh the fun that can be had with the box!

We had a party at our house on new year's eve. Here we are at midnight. That's right my 4-year old was wide awake. But don't worry, the 1-year old had already been asleep for like 4 hours by this time. :)

Preston's parents came for a visit and were an AMAZING help with getting some things done around our house!

Remember that green floral wall paper? I try to forget.

The master of pain rolling!

We had a fun Christmas time in Houston with Preston's side of the family.

Ava and Aunt Wendi

Me and my sweeties.

Ho Ho Ho!

Thank you Mimi!

Nice vest Wade.

Ava and Papa.

We had Christmas with my side of the family at our house. Nice decor huh? We have our furniture in now. :)

It was also Kyle's birthday.

Still thinks she's the favorite. Oh and did I mention that my baby sister is going to have a baby! Woo-hoo! I'm an aunt x 2.

Ava and Grammy.

Chase enjoying one of his new toys...oh, that's Preston. :)

Chase and Ava had a Christmas program at school. Soooooo cute! Ava didn't stay standing where I could see her but here is Chase's video:

I've been meaning to show you all our new family photos that Judson took.

You can see more of this photo on the Valentine Photo Card page of the Photo Card Cafe' website. As of today it's not too late to order Valentine cards!

Chase was getting tired of smiling!

But he did great in this one:

No I will not give you a big smile...but I will give you this little smirk.

Scraping the ceiling. Not fun.

What's worse than Preston scraping the ceiling?....ME scraping the ceiling. Easy. But REALLY messy.