Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun holiday weekend hanging out with a few friends at the lake. It was a lot of fun to go out on the boat and ride around and watch everyone ski and swim. Good times. The boys played golf, we cooked out, we played at the "beach", we hung out and watched movies, some people spent an unusual amount of time and effort working on crossword puzzles....oh and we got sick. Unfortunately there was a stomach bug going around among us. One by one we started dropping like flies. The good news is that it only lasted about half a day for each person. Preston, Chase, and I thought we were in the clear until our way home. I'll spare you the details. Oh well, we're all better now. :) Below are a few pics of the fun. (It's funny how you stop having any pictures of the adults...only kids.)

Chase, Camden, and Cooper all ready for bed
Chase and Cooper testing out the water
Colt trying to decide if he likes this life jacket thing or not
Yes, this is Chase playing golf with no pants on
Water rescue by Sara H. Chase and Cooper got out a little too far and couldn't reach. This is why they wear life jackets! Sara pulled a "Bay Watch" to run in after them. I would have helped but it would have taken me way too long to just get up off the ground where I was chillin'.
Jay even let Chase drive the boat a few times.
Chase and Preston being pulled on the tube!
Preston on the wake board.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Bellies, Big Ankles, and The Big Apple

Preston and I just got back from a fun trip to New York City with our friends Judson and Amanda. We had a great time. I know what you're thinking...walking around New York City with a pregnant lady?...that sounds great. Try two pregnant ladies! was like Amanda and I were some freak show. People would stare and point us out. haha. But overall people were really nice to us. They let us use bathrooms that other people probably couldn't talk them into letting them use, people even gave up seats for us on the subway, etc.

Anyway, back to the trip. We did lots of site seeing, mostly from the top of a double-decker bus. I know it's so touristy but it was really fun! Probably my favorite part. We ate a lot, did lots of shopping, went to a Broadway show. The show we saw was Wicked (based on the Wizard of Oz). I absolutely loved it. I think I liked it better than the rest of my crew but that might be b/c I have read the book Wicked and grew up watching the W of O like every week. For a more complete run down of our trip you can read Amanda's blog.

I started to just leave my post at that but really that wouldn't be the whole story for me. I have to be honest. I had a hard time. I mean, we went to NYC when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Chase and I did fine. This time was different...and I'm only 29 weeks. I was a total wimp (not to mention I got dehydrated the very first day....but that's another story). Walking made my back hurt, legs ache, and ankles swell (pictured). I got sooooo tired. I complained a lot less than I wanted to but I'm sure I was annoying at times. Thanks for putting up with me Judson and Amanda and especially Preston! (Oh and Amanda did totally fine...didn't miss a beat...which I have to admit kind of ticked me off at times. j/k!)

Despite all this I really did have a great time...especially riding the bus, watching the show, eating....and other various sitting activities. :)

We had one pretty rainy day but it didn't stop us!

All four of us on the bus. Wow Preston, you sure are concentrating hard on taking that picture!
Times Square
I'm not in love with this picture but man, look at those waistlines! This is just before the musical started.
This is my foot the night we got back home. Wow. I mean, how gross is that. Don't worry, they don't look like that anymore....for now anyway.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ava's Pictures

My friend Kacy was nice enough to take me up to see what Ava is looking like these days. My mother-in-law, Melanie, happened to be here during this sonogram run so she got to see little Ava too!

This is her face looking at us...

She kept putting her fingers in her mouth. You can see her little fingers by her face here....
This is her head with her toes right in front of her face. She's flexible!
And here's her cute little profile!

Preston's Graduation

Graduation day finally came! Preston has been working full time and working on his master's degree for about 5 years. He is so glad to be done with all the home work and the driving to class...and I'm glad too! Way to go Preston!

Sara's side note: This was a graduation for only the engineering college of OU. I had no idea there were so many branches of engineering. When they just kept calling out engineering sections to enter the auditorium I started giggling to myself that this really was a meeting of the nerds...oh wait...I mean minds.

Chase's School Program

Chase's Sonshine School program was last week. It was so funny. His age group doesn't really do anything but sit there. I mean not one kid actually sang the song...even though everyone of them know it. haha. It was a cute program anyway. :)

The kids say a memory verse in the program (which actually just the teachers say), here is Chase saying it at home:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

6 Years Ago Today

Here's what Preston and I were doing 6 years ago today!

Can't believe it's been that long! Crazy! Preston and I were talking this morning about what all has happened in the last six years. Here are a few highlights:

* We've lived in three different places...

Our first home: the apartment

3 scary months in this place that we like to call the cottage:
And our house! We've been here for 5 years now!
* We've been on LOTS of trips! Hawaii, Vancouver, on 2 cruises, snow skiing lots of times, New York, and not to mention about a million trips to Texas to visit our families! Here is a picture of us in 2003 when we were able to go on a 3 week road trip. Sooooo fun!
* We've had our fair share of surprises!
They always seem to lead to brilliant things! Here's a pic of us with Chase only a few moments after he was born:
* Then before you know it we're expanding our family again!
And I do mean EXPANDING!

* We've bought a few cars
* We got our dog, Lucy
* We've attended our sister's weddings
* We've endured many home improvement projects
* We've been there for each other in losses too; my granddaddy, my great grandmother, his Papa, his Muggie (grandma)
* We've been to class reunions, graduations, been to visit old friends, made new friends, shared in birthdays, and some super fun holidays
Life may be different than it was 6 years ago but we're still best friends and in love just as much as we were 6 years ago today. :)

Stuff for Ava!

I bought a crib bumper for Ava's room! It's very cute and girly! Her room is going to be pink and green. I found this picture since i can't put it in the crib yet to take a pic. I only got the bumper...didn't really like the birds on everything else.

I also purchased a very cute baby book which I WILL keep up with just as well as I did with Chase's....right?

Here's a pic:

I'll keep you posted on her room progress. Still need to paint!