Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!

My little girl turned one today! I can't believe it! She's so spunky...lots of personality. She tries to say lots of words...sometimes she succeeds. She can stand but hasn't taken any steps yet. She loves her brother, son shine school, avocado, grapes, cheese, playing in Chase's room, climbing steps, watching baby einstein movies, etc. She has a temper when she doesn't get her way. She's finally getting enough hair to put a little clip in.

Here she is eating her birthday pancakes this morning. :)
This evening we took a fun bike ride.
A few days ago in Houston we had a little birthday party for Ava and Chase.
Hey this is not bad!
I think I'll have a little more.
Yes, I definitely like birthday cake!
No, those messy fingers may not touch your new present!
Chase already had a birthday party a few weeks ago but don't worry he still enjoyed being the center of attention again....oh and the cake too.
And opening presents is always fun!
Here is a picture of Ava one year ago today....I think her looks have improved over time.
Also I thought you might like to see a comparison picture of Chase and Ava both eating their 1st birthday cake. (First: Ava July 2009; Second: Chase July 2006)

Baby Noah

My Nephew Noah was born! He is sooooo cute and so sweet.
Proud mom and dad Amy and Pete
Lots of dark hair.

Noah was born with a heart defect that is going to have to be corrected with surgery in the next 3 or so months. Please keep him and his parents in your prayers!

Fun in Houston

We took a little trip to visit MiMi and PaPa's house. It was super fun!

The whole crew
Teacher Wendi shows Chase how to do his work book.
Fun in the pool!
Chase loves the pool...Ava is not too sure.
Chase loves his little sis. (Yes, that is a Harry Potter lightning bolt on Chase's head)
Ava and Uncle Wade and Aunt Wendi
View from the top.
Me and Ava!
Other Random Stuff...
Ava and her class at Son Shine School. She's the blonde in the front.
This is Chase dressed like a super hero at a friend's birthday party. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

Guess who just turned four! Chase!
I can't believe it!

On his actual birthday we got up and had birthday pancakes. My mom always did that with us on our birthdays when we were growing up so I thought we would start that tradition this year!
This is what birthday pancakes look like! (That's a "4" in case you can't tell ;)
We had a super fun birthday party at McDonald's the next day!
We made lots of noise!
Ava thinks she's so big!
Nothing like happy meals!
We put batman tattoos on the's the only good picture I have to show for it. :)
They're actually all sitting down!
Mom, enough pictures already!
Mom and dad get to stand and eat off the trash can while the kids sit at the table. How gross is that! (Way to look normal Preston)
Chase with one of his birthday presents!
Trying out his new Spiderman bike! (Can you tell we're into superheros right now!)

Aunt Leah and Uncle Kyle

My baby sister got married!

Chase and Leah before the wedding.
Ava and Leah
Chase did such a great job as a ring bearer! Look at that smile!
Our family.

All the girls.
And then the flower girl was all worn out!


Random June/July

Ava climbed up...but then cried to get down!
Please can I have a bite!


Chase and Ty getting ready to ride the mini roller coaster!

Visit to the park with friends...yes it's 100+ degrees outside. :)
Don't forget the girls at the park.

Fourth of July parade

Ava liked to clap for everyone

More at the parade

My Big 4 year old!

My high school age baby sitter actually made this dress for me! Thanks Alley!

Napping with granddaddy

Got this mask at a birthday party for a friend. Can't stop wearing it. :)
ZZZZ's and pasta