Thursday, September 28, 2006

Getting Read for Halloween!

Here's a picture of Chase playing with his new pumpkin! He fills it with his toys and carries it around. He'll even set it on his push toy and push it around. Haha. So funny. :)

I have to admit that I only put this picture up so that you wouldn't think this was a completely boring post. I'm getting ready for Halloween with my card business too. That said, I'm wondering if you would click on this link and visit my Halloween party invitations page. It helps with search engines to get lots of hits.

Then after that if you have time come back and click on this link to see my photo save-the-date magnets and photo birth announcement magnets.

Thanks folks!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Last Week...

Last week Preston, Chase, and I were all in different places. Preston was on a business trip, Chase was in Houston with MiMi and PaPa, and I was here at home. Chase had a ton of fun, Preston's trip was good except the airline loosing his luggage for a day, and I had a good time here working, hanging out with friends and sisters, and enjoying some alone time. By the end of the week I was ready for my boys to come home but all in all it was a really great, relaxing week. After Preston came home on Friday we flew to Houston for the weekend so we could bring Chase back. When Chase first saw us he just stood there and looked at us for a couple of minutes like he couldn't believe his eyes, or was having a weird dream, or maybe he was being a punk since we had "left" him for a while. Whatever it was it was pretty funny. He would stand there and blink his eyes really slow. We were all just watching him laughing. Then he started cracking a smile and came to hug us and we had a really fun game of chase after that. No pun intended.

Here's some funny video of Chase "talking"... (It's a .mov file. Hope you can view that.)

Here are some pictures of Chase's week as well as our weekend in Houston. 1) Chase, MiMi, MeMa, and Aunt Sharon at the Gulf; 2) Chase and MiMi riding the planes! 3) Chase put your hands over your ears...good job! 4) Chase at the water park 5)Sara's early b-day celebration; 6) This is a picture of a picture...don't be mistaken...this is not Chase. It's Preston when he was 2. :)

Another diaper update: So Melanie (MiMi) bought Chase size 3 Target diapers when he usually wears a size 4. It wasn't her fault, I had a brain freeze and told her wrong. Technically he fits into the weight guidelines for size 3. He had no less than 3 leaky diapers at night while he was there. (Sorry Melanie.) I tell you this story so that you will know that when trying generic diapers in general you should buy a size bigger than what you would use in other diapers. They run a little smaller. FYI. I think Karyn was the first person to pass this info to me. Too true Karyn.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Few Randoms

Bible Class:
I've been meaning to take Chase's picture at Bible Class for a while now and I finally did. This is one of him daydreaming in class. :) If he's anything like his mom he probably has a hard time paying attention. I just think the little table with the wholes in it for them to sit in is so cute. He really likes class.

Watterson Visit:
Preston's parents came for a visit this last weekend. We had a really great time with them. We even went to the OK State Fair. It was fun! We had lots of fair food, went to the car show, checked out some exhibits, and Chase and Preston rode the Carousel. Chase loved that part...and apparently so did Preston. ;) It may be weird but I really enjoy the fair atmosphere. Maybe it's the food...maybe it's the WIDE variety of people there...I don't know. But I love it. :)

Chase left with the Wattersons (aka - MiMi and PaPa) to go to Houston yesterday so I have the week off! Or actually more time to work. Here he is at the air port about to leave with them. Don't his grandparents look elated?!

Girl's Night in Tulsa:
Last weekend I went with a large crowd of my girl friends to Tulsa for a girl's night. We left our kids and our husbands at home and had a great time eating, shopping, and staying up late talking! Fun times!

Diaper Update:
I just had to share this bit of info about diapers with all you moms. (I guess it's kinda of a tight wad update that I used to do all the time.) So mom does not have access to a Target and she bought some Luvs diapers and gave them to us. Chase had his first leak in AGES while he was wearing them. I can't even remember the last time he had a leak in his cheapo Target diapers. I'm still committed!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Update...

Well, things are going great around here. We're really excited about the cooler weather. I always love it when September rolls around because by then I'm soooo tired of the heat! Preston is back to school for the fall working on his masters in engineering and Chase is back in Son Shine School working on his ability to share. They basically have the same curriculum. j/k :) And I'm working on keeping my new business up to speed. It's been pretty exciting to get several card orders! A few of them have been from people I know and a few have been from people who just found me on the internet. If you still haven't checked it out take a look: Photo Card Cafe'

And now for some photo updates:

Chase and me at the zoo playground last week:

Labor Day weekend with friends:

Basketball in the drive way: