Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everyone else is doing it...

I was tagged by my sister-in-law, Wendi to do the "100 things about me" thing that everyone is doing right now. I was thinking about not taking the time to do it...but hey why not:

1) I lived in small town, Texas until I went to college
2) I grew up on a cattle ranch
3) I know nothing about cattle (sorry dad)
4) I was once really good a volleyball
5) My favorite thing to eat is the Black Tie Mousse Cake at the Olive Garden
6) Preston is my best friend
7) I love watching Chase have fun
8) I love my church friends
9) I secretly wish mine and Preston's parents and our sisters and their spouses would move here
10) I love the Gap but usually end up buying at Old Navy (I like it a lot too)
11) I sometimes miss my little red Ford Mustang
12) I LOVE the Harry Potter books
13) I love going to the movies!!!
14) I have a general rule (that sometimes gets broken) of not eating fried food...with the exception of tortilla chips
15) I love brownies
16) I think the cutest thing ever is Chase in his PJs
17) I love watching Preston and Chase playing together
18) I love having a pedicure
19) I hate painted finger nails
20) I started a business (http://www.photocardcafe.com/)
21) I love to travel
22) I love New York City
23) I am a busy body...I rarely just sit around and relax
24) "Lost" may not be my favorite show but I love it that us and about 10 friends watch it together
25) I used to lay out in the sun...i regret every minute of it
26) Due to the attitudes of some people I used to be around, I have vowed to never own a purse that is covered in a well-known logo
27) I really want to go to Europe
28) I had an 8 pound, 14 ounce baby....wow!
29) I'm terrified the next one will be over 9 pounds
30) I love Christmas
31) I love eating lunch with my girl friends and their kids at the mall
32) I love getting kisses on the cheek from Chase
33) I like it that Preston wakes me up to tell me bye and give me a kiss every morning before he leaves.
34) I LOVE it that Chase can sleep until like 9:00 if I let him
35) I love eating Mexican food...correction...I love eating chips, salsa, and queso...take or leave the actual food
36) I'm jealous every time Leah starts another year of college
37) I miss ACU
38) I love it that my in-laws are cool
39) I was a cheerleader
40) If I have a daughter, I hope she's not a cheerleader
41) Baseball is my least favorite pastime...sorry Wade and Wendi...though I do like the food at the games
42) I usually get really bored at musicals
43) I don't like movies with crude humor
44) I love theater popcorn
45) I love coffee and drink it just about everyday
46) I'm a coffee snob...Folgers?...no thanks
47) I can fall asleep almost anywhere if I want to
48) I like going to the zoo
49) I loving going to a coffee shop to work
50) I can't really snap my fingers
51) Chase and I sing a lot during the day when it's just us
52) I'm not really a phone talker
53) My favorite things to buy are sunglasses and jackets
54) I am a huge sucker for sequels (examples: the Borne movies, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.)
55) My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice
56) I miss my college buddies
57) I don't like to cook
58) I don't like to vacuum
59) I like my house to be "picked up"
60) I don't like Chase's bath time but I love it that it's Preston's job and that he loves it...works out great!
61) If you write me a short email I'll get back to you very soon...if you write me a long one it may be weeks before I feel up to writing you an equally long message
62) I have 6 email addresses
63) I use 3 of them regularly
64) I wish I cared more about politics...but I just really don't
65) I could sing you every word of the theme song for Dora and Little Einsteins
66) I HATE soap operas!
67) I don't like reality TV
68) The Office is my favorite show right now
69) I truly miss my friends Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica
70) I love my dog
71) I find it odd that almost all of my close friends have 1 or more boys (is there somewhere in the world where there is a group of people having all girls?)
72) I love it that Preston wants to be and is a good dad
73) I miss my grandparents that have passed on
74) I wish they could have known Chase
75) I love it that Chase has such a great relationship with all 4 of his grandparents
76) I like Target
77) I love buying things on sale
78) I hope someday (hopefully not too long from now) to live on 1 - 2 acres
79) I don't like to procrastinate
80) I graduated Summa Cume Laude
81) I like to snow ski
82) I love cruising around the lake in a speed boat
83) I do not eat hotdogs
84) I like to dance
85) I'm terrified of getting old
86) I often miss the days of less responsibility
87) I love the smell of camp fire
88) Chocolate is my weakness
89) I like to hike
90) I am a mosquito magnet
91) I have never broken a bone
92) I love it that Chase likes to watch me draw things that he chooses (air plane, car, lucy, daddy) and he always thinks it's good
93) I'm not really a "music person"...I rarely know the artist of a song I like and I can listen to the same thing over and over and not even notice
94) One band I do know is Rascal Flats and I really like them a lot...for now
95) I don't understand why Preston (and the rest of his family) like to get the mail so much....I mean, it's just mail...and most of its junk
96) I love giving presents (oh and I like getting them too!)
97) I want an office in my house (not shared with a guest bedroom)
98) I like having alone-time sometimes
99) I really want a girl (but it will be OK if I don't...bla bla)
100) I love my life

I tag Jen, Mel, and Emily


Charis said...

Fun post! I'm right there with you on thinking Colt is super cute in his pajamas too. Glad to see yall had so much fun on your trip!

Wendi said...

So cute!! Thanks for doing that.. it's fun to learn new things about someone. Also.. I think #95 is the best b/c we all do love getting the mail and Wade thinks it's stupid too. ha!! Love you! :)

Carly said...

Sara we are so much more alike that I could have ever imagined...my list may have many of your ideas and if it does, I ask forgiveness ahead of time!!

By the way, I love getting the mail too. It must go back further than you thought.

hejlyeah said...

I am like SO glad you didn't tag me!

The Mangus Family said...

What about... 101 "I miss my Emory buddies?"

Chez said...

#69 - I miss them so much too! I hang with them most weekdays from 6-7, but it's just not the same... :)