Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hey Chase How Old Are You?

(almost got it)
(a little closer)
Close enough! Today Chase is TWO!!!

We had a fun morning singing happy birthday to Chase. It was raining today (as it always seems to be) and I said "It's raining on Chase's Birthday". So Chase started walking around saying "Rainin on Chase's Durday."

Chase's friend Ty also had a birthday today. He's 3. (By the way this pic was taken very shortly after Chase threw up at Ty's house...thus the lack of clothes...sorry Josh.)

Chase got a fun back pack filled with lots of goodies from mom and dad.

Check out my new shades

Eating dad's cereal as he does after just about every meal.


Carly said...

Hooray! You updated! I've been missing it! :)

Charis said...

Happy Birthday to Chase!! Glad you got in some good family time while Preston was traveling across the country looking at ballparks :) Ty's already signed up for next year.

Adam and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Chase. Looking like your life is pretty good and blessed. Glad you are having good summer family fun. lots of love.