Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

The Birthday Boys! (Notice the cry-baby) (Oh and also notice the
awesome cake that my friend Caryn made! Wow!)
Last weekend Chase had a joint Pirate Birthday Party with 4 of his friends who also have summer birthdays. The party went really well and we had a really good time. Close to the end of the party Chase decided he was all partied out though. He cried through the happy birthday song. Oh well. I don't think he felt well at that point. We also had a fun mini birthday with just family and he had a great time at that. Below you'll find pics from both parties in no particular order. :)

Eating hotdogs (yum...mom's fav...not)
In the moon bounce with daddy..and everyone else
Gotta swing harder than that Chase!
AAARRRRR Cool hat Ty! Swords with Ethan
The party crowd
Dinner with the fam blow those candles out! (my fav. pic!)
opening presents
mom and dad in the new pool that we set up in the living room!
just had to add this one...these are the cool pirate moms!


The Mangus Family said...

That is the cutest birthday cake ever!

Kelli said...

Girl, your little boy is SO cute! The pirate idea was great! (This is Kelli Hooper from Siggies, by the way) Glad you are all doing so well, have a great week!

Charis said...

What an awesome cake! Chase is such a party animal.

Carly said...

That cake looks so cool! A pirate party...what a neat idea! I'm sure the tears were tears of admiration for the cake too.