Thursday, August 02, 2007

Waiting for mom and dad!

(This post is a little late...but oh well...)
Mimi and Papa took a few pictures of Chase as they were waiting for Preston and I to get off the air plane getting back from our trip to Canada. The top on is Chase waiting and watching for us to come into view. The middle is right after he ran to us for a hug (made my whole day!). The bottom pic is of one of Chase's fun activities in's a playground called "Sugar Land".

Oh and by the way I forgot to post Chase's 2-year stats. Here they are:

Weight = 25.8 lb (25%)

Height = 34" (35%)

Predict Your Child's Height:

If any of you are interested in finding out how tall your kids are going to be here is the formula that Chase's doctor gave me. He said it was more accurate that just doubling the height when they are 2 years old.

(Moms height + Dad's Height + 5)/2 = Boy's predicted height
(Moms height + Dad's Height - 5)/2 = Girl's predicted height

Oh and I should add that he said give or take 2 that's a 5 inch range...doesn't sound all that accurate to me....but it gives you an idea I guess. haha.

Chase should be 71 1/2 inches (give or take 2 inches)

That's right between 5' 11'' and 6'.

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Shannon said...

Sophy should be 5'6" give or take. Interesting!