Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Road Trip!

We had a nice long weekend with Preston's family. We flew to Alabama, stayed there a night, drove to Atlanta (thus the title "road trip"), stayed there 2 nights and then went back to Alabama for another night. We saw all of Preston's grandparents and everyone was doing great! The road trip was surprisingly pleasant considering it was 4 hours each way with 5 adults and a car seat in a full sized car. The last night we didn't have a crib so we "made" one as you can see from the picture below. It worked really well! Chase also did great on the plane for the most part...on the way there he got a little tired and cranky but never cried enough to annoy everyone around us. On the way home he just sat between Preston and I and played with his toys. Here are a few pictures from our adventures:

And here are some pictures from Chase's first time to brush his teeth.


Melanie said...

Yeah Chase! Way to go with on early start on taking care of those pearly whites! Keep it up kid!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe it...he leaves us and in only a few days he is stepping into adulthood with his tooth brush. What a little man! We enjoyed your visit so much and just wish it had been longer. Aunt Sharon

hejlyeah said...

Awww. Big boy. Can't wait to see him this weekend!