Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Look at me go!!!

Chase is really taking off now! Just today he has really started standing up on his own and walking a little....then he'll fall...then get back up...then fall...then get back up...then fall...then get distracted and start crawling. He still crawls most of the time but he's getting more and more confident. I wonder if it's because he was at Son Shine School today and saw all the other kids in his class walking. (He's the youngest and probably the last walker.)

Here's some great video that our friend Amanda took of him walking...

Chase spent all of last week at his Grammy's house and loved it. He really did so well. It was so fun to see how excited he was to see us when he came back! (It was a nice "vacation" for me too!)

Here is a picture of him at his first ball game. He went a few weeks ago with his MiMi, PaPa, Aunt Wendi, and Uncle Wade.

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Julie said...

such a cutie! I totally think he looks like you more and more! So haha Preston!