Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Steps

Chase took a few steps! It's mostly a falling walk but it's pretty exciting anyway! Click here to see some video...

Mom and dad also bought him a John Deere push/ride toy. He loves pushing it around. He just hasn't figured out how to turn it around after he hits the wall. Click here to see more video...

A little bad news is that Chase has (or had) an ear infection. (Mama Mel was right!) Not so fun for us a few nights ago. I think he's pretty much better now but is still taking meds. Other than that one bad night he really hasn't acted too sick and he never ran a fever....but that bad night was enough to make me take him to the doctor the first thing the next morning. I guess it's pretty good that he's 11 months old and this is his first time to be sick.

We had a full house over the weekend. Mom, Dad, Amy, Leah, and Pete were all here. We had a really fun time hanging out. We went to a graduation party for one of my second cousins. Here's a picture of all the family that was there as well as Chase in the pool and taking a nap with his granddaddy:

We are also working on putting a retaining wall in our back yard. The idea is to make the yard more level and allow us to put our fence back up so we can keep Lucy and walking 1-year olds in. It's a shame that I didn't get dad in a picture because he really helped us a lot this weekend. Several of our friends came over and helped too. Thanks guys!

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hejlyeah said...

Holy cow, I had no idea he was that big. I can't believe it's almost been a year. Doesn't seem that long.