Monday, May 29, 2006

Chillin' with my Peeps

So I spent an awesome couple of days with my old college roomies! We had the best time! We left our kids behind and met up in Dallas where we ate way too much, indulged in pedicures, laid around by the pool at our hotel, shopped, and laughed a ton. It was so great catching up. I miss my girls! Here are some pictures:

After I got back home to my hubby and my boy I found that they in fact did not kill each other but had really great time. It was good for them to have some father-son bonding time. We spend today, Memorial Day, laying around the house in the morning and then going to the city water park in the afternoon. After that we went to a cook out to hang with friends and play some volleyball. Here are some pics from the water park:

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