Monday, May 08, 2006

He doesn't JUST look like Preston!

Everyone is always telling me how much Chase looks like Preston. Well check out this photo that my mom and I found. It is me at one year. I think it looks a lot like Chase...the facial expression too!

Advice anyone?: So I'm not really in on the sun these days. I do lots of things to be healthy so why shouldn't I keep my skin healthy too? Problem is, I like having a tan. Everyone else has a tan in the summer. I bought some Jergens sunless tan daily lotion and I've been using it for like 2 weeks and I can't tell that I have a tan at all! I originally bought the medium skin tone one but eventually went to the store and bought the dark skin tone one. So Jergens has 2 bottles worth of my money and I have nothing to show for it. Has anyone tried any sunless stuff that works?

Another question: Who all is planning to see the DaVinci Code? I am! Preston and I are totally into the book right now. It's been really interesting to see all the churches in the area that are having sermons and even sermon series on the movie. It's a good book and it's fiction...that's all it is to me.


Erin said...

If you're looking for sunless tanners try Coppertone's Gradual Tan. I used it all last summer and liked it. It is the most natural looking one i've used yet.

mrs. mayo said...

He DOES look like you Sara! For sure. Weird that Jergens doesn't work on you - that's the one I love. Good for you for not laying out in the sun. However, you better make an exception for our weekend!!!

Aunt Sharon said...

I first saw the picture and I thought...Why did Melanie put Preston in a dress?"...then I thought "Why did Preston and Sara put Chase in a dress?" Then I read your comments..."whew" was I ever relieved. You and Chase do look alike. I think the dark hair had us all fooled. Look forward to seeing you all in June. Aunt Sharon

hejlyeah said...

The dress thought was my first thought too! I thought that was Preston, and was all, oh man. First the gymnastics and now this.

He totally looks like you!

I'm a bad one to ask about sunless tanners. I'm going to get skin cancer for sure, I love to layout so much. Roommate weekend or die.

Shannon said...

If you want a super good looking tan try the mystic tan. It's Uv free and it looks great...just don't do what Ross did. Also there's an aerosal style at home one that I used to get samples of when I worked for Midnight Sun that was AWESOME only I can't remember the name...let me see if I can find it for you. I'd go with the Mystic, it's kinda pricey, but it only has to be done like once a month.

bhomsher said...

I'm with Aunt Sharon and Sara, I thought it was a joke putting Chase in a dress - yes, he surely looks like you!

I've tried a bunch of the sunless tanners but my skin is more fair then you so I might have better luck. The Neutragena airbrush tan (it's an aerosal spray) covers well, dries fast, lasts long, is easy to apply to the hard-to-reach places and doesn't cost a ton. I think it comes in a few tones too.