Friday, May 05, 2006

Random Stuff

I haven't posted a picture of Lucy lately so here's one of her today. :)

Interesting Times at the Coffee Shop:So I go to a local coffee shop on Thursdays sometimes to work. Apparently there is a "Red Hat Cub" meeting there at that time. You know...the little old ladies that wear purple and red. It's so funny. They all always have a red hat that they have decorated. This last time I even noticed a lady who actually had a red base ball cap that she had stuck some sequins and purple feathers on. haha. I'm totally going to be one of them some day. Here's their website...I was curios:

Chase Update:
Man Chase is all over the place. I just remembered a whole box of blocks that someone gave us when he was born. We got them down today and he's been having a big time playing. Just in the last several weeks he's gotten taller. The weather turned colder again so I put some of his pants on him for the last few days. They're all high-waters for sure.

I've decided to watch Alias for the rest of the season. It's time for them to put it out of it's hasn't been that great this season but I just HAVE to know how it ends.

Tightwad update:
I haven't had one of these in a while so here goes:
Wal-Mart's version of Pantein is good
I bought Target brand butter and it is also good
I've been buying store brand canned stuff especially for recipes and it has all been fine
Target now has liquid coffee creamer but I haven't tried it yet


hejlyeah said...

I di enjoy the tightwad update! Newsflash - because of you, I now use Target diapers and Target no-rub contact solution. I mean, the diapers are HALF as much and the contact solution is 1.94 as opposed to any other brand name that's like 6.99. Unreal.

bhomsher said...

I also love the tightwad updates. I ran into an Alias rerun this weekend from the first season - so much better than this current season. So sad that it just went downhill so fast.

The Mangus Family said...

The tightwad updates are great!! And I think Chase looks a lot like his mom!!!