Monday, August 08, 2005

Some Good Pictures

So Chase has had a rough last few days. But today has been great! He's just been a perfect little angel today. The two of us are having a great Monday together. (Though we're ready for Preston to come home. :) The day started out great because he was lying on my bed this morning when I came over to pick him up as I was singing to him and HE SMILED AT ME! I know he was smiling this time. It was so cute. I got him to do it several times. He was looking right at me and I could tell in his eyes that it was the real thing and not just an accident. I really hope we can get him to do it again when Preston gets home!

We had a super fun weekend. Luke and Sara were here from Austin and we had a great time. I just wish that Chase hadn't been in such a bad mood most of the time they were here. Maybe we didn't scare them too much...they are expecting in late October.

Preston's parents will be here tomorrow for a visit!

Here are a few cute pictures recently taken of Chase. Click here to see these and more...


hejlyeah said...

We had a blast this weekend too! I wish we could have stayed longer. Chase was an angel - he was just mad we invaded his space for a weekend.

I can't wait until Cooper comes.

bhomsher said...

Thanks for the pictures. It's great to see what he looks like and all those cute outfits!