Friday, August 19, 2005

Sleepy?...Then go to sleep already!

Why don't babies go to sleep when they are sleepy? I don't get it. I don't know how many times last night I rocked Chase to sleep or got him back to sleep after he was in his crib only to have him wake right back up. One time in particular I was rocking him on my shoulder and he fell asleep, he even had the deep sleep breathing going on, and when I took him to the crib and leaned all the way down with him into the crib, only letting go at the last second, and when I stood back up straight his eyes were wide open. Not crying...just kind of a happy "nice try mom" grin on his face. How do you get mad at a happy smiling baby? A few hours later at 1:00 in the morning when he's still not asleep, that's how. So for the second night in a row I fell asleep on the couch to Baby Einstein while Chase sat in his swing until he was finally out at 1:30. But I guess it's not so bad since he does sleep in in the mornings and it's not like he was crying all night...he was just awake. I just need him to shift that sleep time back at least 2 hours. :) Thank goodness it's Friday. Preston has late nights on the weekends! woo-hoo!

Here's some fun video from last weekend. I am holding Chase and the whole family, 5 people, with 3 different cameras and 1 video camera were trying to capture Chase's smile. Listen to the reaction! He's been smiling so much lately. He now likes the "Little Piggy Went to Market" game. He thinks that's funny. :)


hejlyeah said...

SO cute. He's already grown since we last saw him. Smiley baby. We're missing it! Aghhh! The video totally cracked me up.

mrs. mayo said...

What a most precious smile! I love the dimple! I hope to see ya'll before Homecoming..but if not, when you get here in October - you better be ready to just hand him over to his aunt Leslie!! :)