Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Fun Time With Family

Chase got to meet his Great Grandma and his great Aunt this weekend! Very fun. We had a great time with the two of them as well as Preston's parents. Butch and Melanie (aka Daddy Butch and Mama Mel) were here from Tuesday to Sunday and were a tremendous help. Chase had a few bad nights and it was so great to have them here to help out. I like to think that now Chase is back on track with his days and nights but you never know what tonight will bring. I'm sure he'll do great.

Today was the first day that I got to go back to the gym to my step class! It was really fun! I just feel so much better when I'm getting exercise regularly. Preston kept Chase while I went to the gym and then Preston went jogging when I got home. He jogged to the grocery store and bought some macaroni and cheese. Yep...that's right...he jogged to get exercise and then came home and we had a healthy serving of mac cheese. haha. Oh well.

This coming weekend my mom and dad are moving my sister Leah here to college. She's very excited...and so am I!

This is a picture of Chase in his new Exersaucer that his Great Mema and Great Aunt Sharon bought him. :) He'll love it when he's a little bigger! Thank you guys!

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hejlyeah said...

Cute exersaucer. What names they have for such things! Oh yeah, cute baby too. :)