Friday, August 05, 2005

The Baby Swing is AWESOME!

Hey everyone! First, let me give an apology to all of you who think that I'm a blogging slacker....because, well, I am. I'll try to do better. I know that many of you (grandparents in particular) would like to see more pictures and updates. :)

Now to the title of this swings are awesome! Chase loves his! He has to be in a fairly good mood to put him in it but once he's there, he'll just sit there and hang out or fall asleep. Today I also tried out the Baby Einstein video that we have. It was so seemed to me that he was actually watching it for a while. My cousins call it baby crack. There may be some truth to that.

You know what else is awesome...gas drops. We had a few bad days and one seriously bad day...lots of crying, etc. After using the drops, all has been great ever since. I actually had time to write a blog entry at the end of the bad day but I decided not to since I would probable have said something not very nice. I remember thinking a few times that day, "What have I done!!?" But that moment passed and everything is great now.

Leah (my sister) came back for a visit and it was very helpful having her here. She is also a very good cook and made dinner and a pie for Preston and I. Thanks Leah! Sara and Luke are coming for a visit this weekend (they are on their way right now), and Preston's parents are coming next week and staying about 6 days. While they are here, Preston's Mema and Aunt Sharon are coming from Alabama for a couple of days! We're really excited to see everyone.

Man it is REALLY raining out side. It hasn't rained in ages and all the sudden it is completely pouring and the wind is crazy...and it kind of even looks like the sun is shining. Weird!

Here are a couple of pictures from the last few days. My friend Jen let me borrow a sling and it has been great. The other is of Chase in his new fireman P.J.s. What do you think granddaddy! (Chase's granddaddy, my dad is a fireman for those of you who don't know.)

The wind has completely stopped and it's just barely sprinkling now. Crazy Oklahoma weather!


allyo said...

You look so good. I am officially jealous...1)Sara and Luke are almost there and 2)sounds like baby life is pretty good. Have fun with the Hejls. Hope to make it up there soon!

Chase's Grandpa said...

Chase looks good in a fireman uniform. I may have to get him another and then a cowboy hat and boots.