Monday, July 07, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Had another appointment today! More progress (T.M.I. alert)! This time I was dilated to a 3 and still 70% effaced. Moving right along! I've actually felt better this week so that's good (though, it does make me feel like labor is farther away). I went to step class at the gym this morning and I felt great. We did some driving yesterday and I swear I could see my feet swelling. Salty food all weekend, being out in the heat a lot, and then sitting in a car for too long is definitely a recipe for fat ankles. A few days ago I was reading more of my old blog from last pregnancy and realized that at this point last time I already had the car seat in the car. So I decided I should probably go get it out of storage and clean it off. :) After hosing it down in the yard and letting it dry it looks like new! (No it's not in the car...we'll probably wait a bit on that.)

Lovely feet.

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