Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here is a much needed photo update

Here are lots of pics from lots of different things that I have been meaning to post for a while:

Check out that stance! He did really well hitting a t-ball for the first time.
Family Pic
Chase with Mimi and Papa
Another family picture
Rock Star!
Two Rock Stars!
The whole band!
Chase and Papa trying to wake up in the morning.
Chase feeding the turtles.
Chase and friends.
Medieval Times with Grammy, Granddaddy, and Aunt Leah
Chase even got a sword!
Silly faces.
Cheering on the knights.
Father-son camp out. The boys had a blast...I think the dads had an OK time too. ;)


Melanie said...

Where did you guys get to feed the turtles? I need to take my kids there. They would love that.

ChandraJoy said...

I was going to post the same question about the turtles! Looks like fun!

Wendi said...

Is there always a tent set up in your living room and you just take it down when we come over? ha..jk! Love ya'll and cute pics!