Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chase's Room

We officially finished Chase's room today! He has been sleeping in there for a while but now all the decorating is done. Take a look:

Obviously we did a tropical theme! I even hand painted the tree myself!
Chase likes his new room!
I used a big cork board to take up some room on the wall and Chase just loved putting all his art work from school and bible class up! We'll just keep adding to it! (No, I'm not using push pins....what kind of mom do you think I am? Stapler!)

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Charis said...

Great rooms!! I'm sure you are so glad they are finally FINISHED and you can take a break :) Colt has that little baseball game (on the floor in Chase's room) and Colt and his friends of all ages love it. One day our boys will be able to play b-ball together!