Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stuff for Ava!

I bought a crib bumper for Ava's room! It's very cute and girly! Her room is going to be pink and green. I found this picture since i can't put it in the crib yet to take a pic. I only got the bumper...didn't really like the birds on everything else.

I also purchased a very cute baby book which I WILL keep up with just as well as I did with Chase's....right?

Here's a pic:

I'll keep you posted on her room progress. Still need to paint!


ChandraJoy said...

It makes me feel better that our due dates are about a week and a half apart and we are in about the same place for getting their rooms ready! I love the colors!

Leah Willis said...

You better keep her baby book as awesome and detailed as chases, or one day she may never let you live it down! Love and miss you! Your belly and Ava's room is precious!

swatterson said...

haha. for those who don't know Leah is my little sisiter....who happens to not have a baby book at all much less one that would rival mine. :)