Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun holiday weekend hanging out with a few friends at the lake. It was a lot of fun to go out on the boat and ride around and watch everyone ski and swim. Good times. The boys played golf, we cooked out, we played at the "beach", we hung out and watched movies, some people spent an unusual amount of time and effort working on crossword puzzles....oh and we got sick. Unfortunately there was a stomach bug going around among us. One by one we started dropping like flies. The good news is that it only lasted about half a day for each person. Preston, Chase, and I thought we were in the clear until our way home. I'll spare you the details. Oh well, we're all better now. :) Below are a few pics of the fun. (It's funny how you stop having any pictures of the adults...only kids.)

Chase, Camden, and Cooper all ready for bed
Chase and Cooper testing out the water
Colt trying to decide if he likes this life jacket thing or not
Yes, this is Chase playing golf with no pants on
Water rescue by Sara H. Chase and Cooper got out a little too far and couldn't reach. This is why they wear life jackets! Sara pulled a "Bay Watch" to run in after them. I would have helped but it would have taken me way too long to just get up off the ground where I was chillin'.
Jay even let Chase drive the boat a few times.
Chase and Preston being pulled on the tube!
Preston on the wake board.

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Charis said...

Such a fun weekend! Sorry to hear yall got sick on the ride home. How miserable! At least next year we'll have a place to retreat if our kiddo comes down with something again. I'm still REALLY sorry we got everyone sick :) It was great spending time with yall though. I know Ty enjoyed his "alone time" with PW.