Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Visit

This last weekend we had Preston's sister Wendi, her husband Wade, Preston's cousin Carly, and her boyfriend Adam all over for a fun stay. We had lots of fun hanging out and doing some fun stuff around the city. They all wend to Pops (without me) which is a semi-famous gas/food station on historic Route 66, we visited the Oklahoma City Memorial, went to a Red Hawks game, had dessert at the Melting Pot, etc. Good times. Here are a few pics....most of which I stole off of Wendi and Carly's blogs. ;)

Poor Wade. Chase pretty much crawls all over him the entire time they are around each other. Wade, it's only b/c he loves you!

Check out those guns!
Us at the baseball game.
The whole crew at the Melting Pot.
Preston ran on a relay team in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon this weekend. They all did really well. So well, in fact, that I missed Preston finish it (he was the last leg) by about 5 minutes. So mad. Here is his team:

Random: I just thought this picture was funny. Last week Chase went over to play with his friend Ty at his house (I was sick...thank you Jen!). This is the way he fell asleep about 5 minutes after getting home. I guess he played hard!

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Wendi said...

Thanks for having us! We had a great time with y'all, like always! :)