Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fun in Portland

Last weekend I headed to Portland to hang out with my sister, Leah, who lives there. Our other sister, Amy, came too so the three of us got to have a fun time together. It was great getting to see where Leah goes to school and meet some of her friends....even her boyfriend. ;) We did some cool sight-seeing, visited touristy places, shopped, etc. Here are some pics of our adventures:

Saturday Market...taking a rest to eat and warm up

We happened to be sitting in the right place for a Chinese dragon show!

Heading off to winter formal

Skiing! It was a little interesting since I was the only one of the three of us who has ever skied before!

Thought this was a good one of Amy headed back up the bunny slope!

But then disaster struck when Amy hurt her knee. Luckily we had an excellent view of Mt. Hood while we waited on the ski patrol to come get her and take her back to the base.

Amy was pulled down the mountain on a sled by one of the ski patrol guys.

Over all it was a good trip...but I wasn't the one who had to wear a homemade card board box leg splint in the airport the next day. :)

In other news
In case you were wondering what Ava and I are looking like these days well here it is:

Here are a couple of funny videos of Chase. In the first one he is eating his pasta in a very interesting way and in the second one he is playing with Lucy. (This one is kinda long so it may be only grandparents that will care about it!)

Photo Card Cafe' was in the paper again! Read the story...


Wendi said...

Looks like y'all had a good time in Portland! And.. I love the 2nd article in the paper. Way to go!

LK Mueller said...

Abby loves the video of Chase and Lucy. She laughs and laughs and then wants to see it again. Thanks for her entertainment!!

Adam and Heidi said...

Looks like good times with your sisters. I love that we both skiied while pregnant! Our little girls will be ready to hit the slopes :) The video of Chase makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing. Heidi