Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Colorado & Other Stuff

Baby Watterson
Remember how I said that our friend did an ultrasound for us and was 99% sure that it was a girl? No?....did I fail to mention on here that we weren't 100% sure? Well we are now! I had an ultrasound today and it's a done deal. Ava it is! Now I'm giving myself the OK to go buy some pink stuff! I feel her move all the time now so that's really fun. :)
Here is a pic of her cute little profile:
I think Chase is really starting to get it. He talks about Ava a lot. He'll ask when she is going to come out so he can hold her. My answer to this is always that she has to grow big, so now when you ask him what Ava is doing he says that "she is growing big". I'm not too sure that he really understands that another person is going to live with us and take up room in my lap. :)

Watterson Family Ski Trip
Over spring break we went with Preston's whole family on a fun ski trip to Breckenridge. We all had a great time!
The whole crew

Chase in all his winter gear

All of us just before our sleigh ride

Chase loved the sleigh ride!
Chase and daddy
Cute pic with Papa
A walk in the snow
Our fam on the gondola
Chase met mom and dad at the bottom of the mountain...when Preston and I went back up and he didn't get to go he said that he wanted "to skateboard too!"
Me and Preston on the mountain
Preston showing off his mad snowboard skills
I can't wait to learn to ski!

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Anonymous said...

Sara - great pictures of the trip to Breckenridge. Please tell Preston that I am so sorry I did not send a birthday card!

Kelly Smith

leslie said...

how fun! we are hoping to drive to colorado in october or november for a fun ski trip. your pictures make me even more excited! (though i'm still not sure about driving 12 hours with 3 kids.)

i'm so excited about ava!