Thursday, August 23, 2007

Galveston oh Galveston

Mom, Leah, Chase, and I all spent a fun few days in Galveston this last week. We spent time at the beach (notice the beautiful dark mud....I mean sand :), in the swimming pool, at a place called Palm Beach, eating, etc. Chase loved the beach so much more than I thought he would. I thought he would at least be timid at first but no way! He was all about it!

This is how we got Chase to go to sleep each night in our hotel room. Having 4 other people in the room was a little distracting to him and he stayed up late each night....that's right, there's a DVD player right in bed with him!

After our time in Galveston we went to Mimi and Papa's house for a couple of nights. Here are some fun pictures of Preston, Chase and Mimi in their pool. Chase LOVED having his daddy hold him while he jumped in the deep end. They, of course, went under the water every time but as soon as they came up Chase said "more, more..." He's fearless. And I don't understand how he never gets water up his nose!

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