Friday, June 15, 2007

10 years...

A question I've seen many of my friends post on their blogs lately is "what were you doing 10 years ago?" Well 10 years ago I was graduating from High School. Has it really been that long? So crazy!!! This last weekend I attended my 10-year reunion. It was really fun seeing everyone. Most people hadn't changed that much and/or were exactly how you expected them to be. I confess that I studied my old year book at my parents house before I went. haha. But I did know pretty much everyone's name. We had a lunch at a park and then a catered dinner that evening. Here's a picture from the park:

While we were there Chase had a fun time with Grammy and Granddaddy:

Cool hats dudes!

The week before Chase, Mom, and I headed out Abilene to visit Amy and Pete. We had a great time with them. Since then Pete has left for Iraq so be praying for him.

Mom Chase and Amy just a swingin'

Amy Pete and Chase


Charis said...

Thanks for the encouraging note on my blog! Ha!:) I went back today and am still at 2cm. Looks like a fun high school reunion... can't believe you're THAT old. :) It'll be fun to hang out with yall next year at Ty and Preston's reunion.

Amy H said...

i look fat