Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Chase Update:

So when Chase turned 18 months I made a list of all the words that he could say with purpose and he knew what he was talking about (copying what we say didn't count). I can't even begin to describe how much that list has grown in only these last few months! It's crazy! He says things all the time that I didn't even know that he knew how to say!

He's really into Dora right now. He'll ask for Dora and Monkey. He has a Dora book and we recently bought him a Diego tricycle...and no he does not get how to use the pedals...but he still likes to scoot around the house on it. He has taken to climbing up on the changing table where he cannot get down from. I'll hear him yelling "mama! mama!" then he looks all guilty when I get in there b/c he knows he's in trouble. I walked in to find him on the table today and he was looking sad and just said "dangerous". That's right Chase, it is dangerous! So stay off!

Funny Video:

Here is a funny video from the weekend when we
were out to eat and Chase started falling asleep at the table. It was so funny.
Click here...

What we've been doing:

We are traveling people! We travel the most in the summer and it has already started. I told you about our California trip then last weekend I went with some of my girl friends from Church on a super fun shopping trip. There were 14 of us! wow! We stayed in a hotel and did some serious outlet shopping. I didn't take any pictures but here are a few links to other blogs with pictures and info: Melanie's Blog, Jessica's Blog, Emily's Blog. Is it funny that two of the three are about food!? haha.

Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be in Abilene but my stinkin' sister wasn't going to be there so I postponed that trip till later. Then another opportunity came up to go to Austin so we jumped on it. Preston's family was all there and of course Luke and Sara. We had a great time seeing all of them. Again I didn't take many pictures (must get better about that) but Wendi took some so here is her blog... Chase just loves Aunt Wendi and Uncle Wade. I think he may have driven Wade a little crazy trying to get him to play with him 24/7.

Here is a picture from Sunday lunch. What do you get when it takes so long that you're at the restaurant for 2 hours....and nap time was like 3 hours ago? Unhappy kids that won't sit in their high chairs.


Carly said...

Papa gets kudos for trying to help. Ha! That's the funniest video I've seen!!

Charis said...

I'm so jealous that you got to hang out with Luke and Sara in Austin! Wish we were there to hang out with you all! Chase is too cute... sounds like a smart kid. Hope work is going well... as soon as Colt is born, we'll be sending you pics to make a birth announcement.