Tuesday, June 19, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

Here are a few random facts and stories about Chase and even one about his friend. (The friend one is the best so if you skip any, skip to the bottom.)

So a funny thing that Chase has taken to saying is "It's dark in here" (which he learned from his granddaddy while playing peek-a-boo under a blanket). Now when we go in a dark room or something he always says it. It's really funny though b/c it sounds like he's saying "there's a dork in here". I don't know if he's talking about himself or me. But when he pulls a blanket over his head and says "there's a dork in here"...I think it's pretty clear who the dork under the blanket is.

We're in a phase where you can't tell him something like you're going to see Grammy next week or that you're going to play with your friends at the zoo tomorrow. He's ready to go now. There's no talking about it until we're getting in the car.

Last weekend we went to pick up our friends for a late dinner on Saturday....I went to the door while Chase and Preston waited in the car. Our friend Amanda walked out then forgot something and walked back in. Chase had a complete melt down b/c I guess he thought she wasn't coming, "MAAAANNNNDAAAA"

He was singing the song Mary had a little Lamb the other day. It's mostly humming with a few recognizable words mixed in. Almost every time he sings this song he asks where Mary is or says something else random about her. Mary is his Sunday school teacher and one of our friends...I truly believe he thinks the song is about her.

And my last random story is not about my kid but it is so funny. We were with some friends on Monday when two of Chase's friends, Ty and Carter (both 3 years old), got really interested in our friend Kacy's pregnant belly. Thy found her belly button fascinating and wanted to hear about baby Jack.
Kacy: "There's a baby in my belly."
Carter: "Did you eat it?"



Melanie said...

That story about Carter is sooo funny. I almost posted it myself b/c I thought is was so hilarious too. I was glad to see that you had.

Wendi said...

oh what cute stories!! thanks for posting! :)

Charis said...

Ha ha...did you eat it!? too cute! Thanks for the humerous things that Chase and his friends are saying.