Friday, May 18, 2007

Sunny California

Preston and I went on a fun trip to California this past week. He had a business trip near LA so I tagged along. We went up a few days early so we could hang out in Santa Monica. It was really fun! Then we drove out to the city where the meetings were and it was a little less exciting than LA but still fun since it was different to everyday life. I read a lot and got to work on my business stuff a ton. We went to the movies. Good times. At the movie we saw Spiderman 3. It was good but was probably my least fav. of the three. I have to admit that the best part of my movie-going experience that night was the Harry Potter Trailer!!!! So excited for that one! (You have to be a Harry Potter book reader to understand my joy.)

Here are some pics from our trip (actually these are all from the same day...the one we spent in Santa Monica):

Me and the leafy dragon at the 3rd Street Promenade.

Us at the beach. In the distance is the Santa Monica Pier where we rode the roller coaster.

Preston and the palm trees.

See above that I'm wearing a little jacket...these crazy people in the water didn't seem to notice that it was a little chilly!

Waiting in line for the roller coaster.

The view from our seats. :)

Us on the roller coaster. It was really kind of a small one...but they let you go through it twice which was really cool.

Meanwhile, back at Mimi and Papa's house chase was having a fun time visting his grandparents! Mimi sent me a few pics:

And my personal favorite!