Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Update...

Well, things are going great around here. We're really excited about the cooler weather. I always love it when September rolls around because by then I'm soooo tired of the heat! Preston is back to school for the fall working on his masters in engineering and Chase is back in Son Shine School working on his ability to share. They basically have the same curriculum. j/k :) And I'm working on keeping my new business up to speed. It's been pretty exciting to get several card orders! A few of them have been from people I know and a few have been from people who just found me on the internet. If you still haven't checked it out take a look: Photo Card Cafe'

And now for some photo updates:

Chase and me at the zoo playground last week:

Labor Day weekend with friends:

Basketball in the drive way:


Grandaddy said...

Alright, can't wait to take him on in a game of horse. Gdaddy

Anonymous said...

Yea, and Chase has really got on his game face or should I say he's really got the game going. I couldn't really tell. By the way, sure like the cool pool doo, Preston. The photographer worked wonders with that crew. Grammy