Monday, September 18, 2006

A Few Randoms

Bible Class:
I've been meaning to take Chase's picture at Bible Class for a while now and I finally did. This is one of him daydreaming in class. :) If he's anything like his mom he probably has a hard time paying attention. I just think the little table with the wholes in it for them to sit in is so cute. He really likes class.

Watterson Visit:
Preston's parents came for a visit this last weekend. We had a really great time with them. We even went to the OK State Fair. It was fun! We had lots of fair food, went to the car show, checked out some exhibits, and Chase and Preston rode the Carousel. Chase loved that part...and apparently so did Preston. ;) It may be weird but I really enjoy the fair atmosphere. Maybe it's the food...maybe it's the WIDE variety of people there...I don't know. But I love it. :)

Chase left with the Wattersons (aka - MiMi and PaPa) to go to Houston yesterday so I have the week off! Or actually more time to work. Here he is at the air port about to leave with them. Don't his grandparents look elated?!

Girl's Night in Tulsa:
Last weekend I went with a large crowd of my girl friends to Tulsa for a girl's night. We left our kids and our husbands at home and had a great time eating, shopping, and staying up late talking! Fun times!

Diaper Update:
I just had to share this bit of info about diapers with all you moms. (I guess it's kinda of a tight wad update that I used to do all the time.) So mom does not have access to a Target and she bought some Luvs diapers and gave them to us. Chase had his first leak in AGES while he was wearing them. I can't even remember the last time he had a leak in his cheapo Target diapers. I'm still committed!


Shannon said...

I was iffy about the cheapo diapers at sams, but it was SUCH a price difference that Jeff convinced me to try them. I LOVE THEM! I used a pampers the other day that I had left over from pre cheapo and man the didn't hold much! I get 144 diapers for $20. I highly recommend the Smiles diapers from Sams if you have a card. Also for people sith kids still on formula the makers mark (sam's brand) is just as good as enfimil and 1/4 the cost! It's 54 oz. for $20. It lasted us about 3-4 weeks when she was smaller and 2 weeks now. we loved it!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't change his diaper often enough!! Love, Hugs, & Kisses, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Thats funny that the Target brand works great for you and Luvs don't...we had the opposite problem..Target brand leaked really bad with Tate and the Luvs are great...never leaks!!