Thursday, September 28, 2006

Getting Read for Halloween!

Here's a picture of Chase playing with his new pumpkin! He fills it with his toys and carries it around. He'll even set it on his push toy and push it around. Haha. So funny. :)

I have to admit that I only put this picture up so that you wouldn't think this was a completely boring post. I'm getting ready for Halloween with my card business too. That said, I'm wondering if you would click on this link and visit my Halloween party invitations page. It helps with search engines to get lots of hits.

Then after that if you have time come back and click on this link to see my photo save-the-date magnets and photo birth announcement magnets.

Thanks folks!


The Mangus Family said...

Macie and I saw Chase with your parents at church this morning! He is so cute!!

Shannon said...

I put some cute halloween pictures up that you can steal for your site if you want to.