Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Never slowin' down...well, except nap time

Chase is all over the place now! I came in the living room one evening a couple of days ago and Preston had rigged up the "chair gate" (pictured above) to keep Chase away from the TV. He seems to always want to get into things besides his toys! :)

Chase has been eating more and more solid foods. He likes cheese, cereal bars, cheerios, bread, tortillas, bananas, noodles, and lots more. He's down to only 4 6oz bottles of formula a day.

Things are good with the rest of the family too. Preston is busy with work and went on a business trip recently. I have been working on finishing up a few websites and am still trying to find time to get my photo card website up and running. It's so much more involved and complicated than I originally thought it would be. It's still several months away from being launched. Lucy still loves playing keep-away from Chase and likes to ride along in the car when I go run errands.

Last week my mom was here and that was really fun. She was on Spring Break and came for a visit amid all the other traveling she was doing on her week off. It's always nice to have another hand around...particularly someone who wants to do everything for Chase (including diapers) and does things like load the dish washer. Thanks mom!


Hilary79 said...

Hi Sara, Preston and Chase,
Found your blog and have smiled a lot catching up on your little guy. He is still adorable (not surprising). Hope it isn't too long until we run into you in Sugar Land again.
Hilary Stirman Reed

hejlyeah said...

Wow. He's so friggin' big. It's unreal. Time has flown by! Can't wait to see him again!

Anonymous said...

Preston sure knows how to keep the little guy out of things and maintain peace at the same time. I had a great visit and can hardly wait to see him again. Mike and I have had more fun watching Lucy & Chase at tug-of-war!! Love, Hugs, & Kisses, Grammy

mrs. mayo said...

So sweet! He looks so big standing up!

Molls said...

unbelievable!! he is so freaking cute! a little man!