Friday, March 17, 2006

Leaps and Bounds!

Things are changing around our house like crazy! Chase is getting more and more mobile every day. This is a picture of him as he managed to crawl over to the coffee table and pull all the magazines down and make a big mess! The other is of him standing in his crib. He hasn't managed this on his own yet (I helped him stand for the picture) but he is finally able to push himself up to sitting from lying down. I didn't even know that he could do it until I laid him down in the floor on his stomach and he immediately just pushed himself right up like he had done it a million times. Yesterday I went to get him out of bed in the morning and he was just sitting right up in bed looking at me. We definitely lower his mattress after that happened! Check out the videos below. The first one we like to call the "crawl, crawl, dive." Pretty stinkin' funny. The second one is very funny too. Chase is trying to get Lucy's toy away from her. At first he is laughing and then he starts getting really mad! You can hear him change his attitude. :) (The second one is kinda long and a really big file...FYI.)
Crawl, crawl, dive
Get Lucy's toy


Amanda said...

Seriously, put some clothes on that kid!

swatterson said...

I know! You don't even put a naked picture of your dog on your website!

hejlyeah said...

HIlarious! How big he is! Man, I laughed outloud at work at the toy video.