Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Week in Colorado Springs

Hello! It's been a long time since I updated! Chase and I tagged along with Preston on one of his business trips last week. I realize it's been several days since we got back but I still want to tell you all about it. The business trip was in Colorado Springs and we had a great time! We drove half way on Sunday the 8th and then the rest of the way on Monday. Preston's stuff started Monday afternoon. That day Chase and I just hung out at the Hotel. If you've never stayed at the Homewood Suites, I highly recommend it. It's basically a one bedroom apartment with someone to come clean it up everyday. Chase slept in a crib (provided by the hotel) in the living room so that we can close him off from us at night, because the little stinker flops around so much and makes a lot of noise (it was a nightmare with him in the bed with us at the Best Western on our way up). Monday evening when Preston was done with work we went out to dinner and then came back to the hotel for a dip in the hot tub (Chase got to sit in his stroller while we were in the water). Each morning Chase and I would take Preston to school...I mean work, and then come back and eat breakfast at the hotel. Tuesday and Wednesday Chase and I spent time at the hotel gym and in the indoor pool in the morning. Chase is so good to sit in his stroller while I work out (he really has fun looking at himself in the big mirrors in there). He loved swimming in the pool, though his swim trunks are a little tight. :) Tuesday afternoon we just did some shopping near the hotel...nothing major. That night we ate dinner with Preston's work team. Wednesday Chase and I went to the Garden of the Gods. It was really cool. The weather was awesome too. About 61 degrees which is great for Colorado in January. We just walked around and enjoyed the views. After that we drove around a bit. You can't get turned around in CS b/c the Mountains on the West side of the city let you know what way you're facing at all times. Oh, and the people are really nice there. That night we ate dinner in Old Colorado City at a nice little Italian place. Thursday Chase and I hung around the hotel for a while and then went shopping in Old Colorado City. It's a very cute little area...reminded me of downtown Edmond...only better. When Chase was ready to eat we stopped at a little French bakery where I had a snack and Chase had his bottle. After that we drove out to 7 Falls which was also very beautiful. It was pretty cold but we got a few pictures. We ate with Preston's work friends again that night. Friday Preston only worked half a day so in the afternoon we went back to the Garden of the Gods and then drove up to Santa's Workshop...which was closed by the way (opens again in May). We were going to drive up to Pike's Peak but we waited too late in the day. Maybe next time. That night we swam, ordered in Chinese, and watched a movie at the hotel. Saturday was a crazy day. We got up very early and drove 4 hours to Red River, NM where Preston and I skied for a few hours and chase stayed at the Little Buckaroo's Day Care. It was really fun. The snow was OK. I think it was 90% machine made...the only snow in sight was on the slopes! haha. We left Red River around 4:00 and drove all the way to Amarillo! Got there around midnight. And then on Sunday drove the rest of the way home. It was a fun trip.


hejlyeah said...

Cute. Glad y'all had fun.

mrs. mayo said...

How much fun are ya'll!! That sounds and looks like such a fun, relaxing trip!

bhomsher said...

I'm glad that you got away and had some fun family time in the midst of the business stuff - what a great way to combine it all together.
I love Colorado Springs, mom used to take us there for mini vacations when we were little. There's so much to do and it's all pretty close to town.
Next time you're near by let me know, I'd love to see you guys and Chase!