Thursday, January 26, 2006

Doctor Update

Chase visited the doctor yesterday for his 6 month appointment. Six months! Can you believe it? That's a whole half a year! Wow! He weighs 17.2 lbs and is 27.5 inches long. Here are his percentages: 85% on height, 75% on head, and 50% on weight. Preston and I laughed and said that he is a tall, skinny, big-headed kid. haha. Come to think of it, that's a lot like him mom. hmmmm.

Oh, and I'm working on some video of him clapping. He seems to be camera shy.


rigadonis said...

hey sara! it's stephanie from henderson- i totally stole your baby blog idea! :o)

i have a question-you're pretty tall- where did you get your maternity pants?

hejlyeah said...

What a big boy! I can't believe it's been six month. Whooda thunk.

Oh, and I'm tall - I got mine at the Gap, and one pretty good pair from Motherhood Maternity. You have to dig a little, and look around on eBay. :)

swatterson said...

Hey regadonis (aka Stephanie) and anyone else who is looking for an answer to the "tall" maternity pants question. I agree with hejlyeah (aka Sara) that gap is a good bet. Only there is not a gap in OK that has maternity clothes. You either just have to take a leap of faith and buy online or drive to Dallas. I think Motherhood and Mimi both have longs. I have to admit that I borrowed jeans from a friend and didn't actually buy any. They were from Japanese Weekend and they were the best maternity pants ever. I think they were probably really expensive though and I never would have worn them if I hadn't been able to them.