Monday, September 19, 2005

I love fair food!!!

So I went to the Oklahoma State Fair with some friends on Saturday. It was much fun. And I got to eat my favorite fair foods....roasted corn and strawberry crapes...mmmmm. I didn't actually eat as much as I thought I would though. I guess that's good. I came home with $12 that I had intended on buying more grease on a stick with. We just walked around and took it all in. Its weird how fairs bring in a different type of know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of the State Fair, I got kicked out of the OK State Fair only 3 short years ago with my good friend Heidi. We were throwing popcorn from one of the rides...seriously we were seeing who could make it in the trash cans below. But this Carnie lady thought we were spitting on her and her customers at the "pull a ducky out of the kiddy pool booth." She went crazy and waited for us, yelling, at the bottom of the ride. She called the security cops over and they asked us to leave. haha. I would like to say that I was like 13 when this happened but no, I was 23.


hejlyeah said...

You're so crazy, getting all kicked out and such. Those were simple times ... haha. Always great people watching at those fairs.

mrs. mayo said...

Oh my gosh, that is a really funny story. I didn't know that!
We just went to the fair not too long ago. Kaitlyn loved it. It will be so fun (but more expensive) when Chase is old enough to ride the rides!

Melanie said...

It sure was good times Sat. You did forget to mention how stinkn hot it was. I guess that is good though, cause I think I actually sweat most of the grease out from those fries. Actually who am I kidding! Did you see the grease on those things?! Even after all the walking we did, I think I only managed to sweat on fry.