Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fantasy Football

So I'm trying really hard to be interested in Fantasy Football this year. Since it's something that Preston is really into I'm thinking it will be fun for us to keep track of it together and it might just make me more interested in the games since they will be on in my house anyway. So Preston is in 3 leagues and I am in one. We are both in a league with some of our church friends. I'm not too sure that at this point my team is doing so well. We'll see. I'm still working on the "interested" part. I just slept through the first game we sat down to watch together. And I'm still working on learning player's names. The other day Melanie asked me some of my players that I had picked for this week and I couldn't even remember them. haha. Maybe next week Mel. Ask me again. :)

Things are going well around here. We've had a great weekend. It was nice to be in town. Preston mowed the lawn. I cleaned house. Chase ate, slept, and pooped. Lucy followed me around the house as usual and was generally "mad" at the vacuum cleaner. Preston and I sat in the hot tub and that was great. (It was only my 3rd or fourth time to sit in it...I had only been in it a few times before we found out I was pregnant. We tried to sit in it earlier this week but it was so hot we couldn't even put our legs in....I mean, we could have cooked dinner in there!)

This week will be the first week that Chase goes to "mom's day out"! I'm really excited. I'm glad to have some time to work on my home business uninterrupted.

Pictures: Chase on the Boppy; Me Chase and Lucy going for a walk; Preston the thug


mrs. mayo said...

I didn't even know ya'll had a hot tub! I'm jealous! I'm glad ya'll had a good weekend!

hejlyeah said...

Ha - thug.

bhomsher said...

I understand the Fantasy Football thing. Jacob is in 2 leagues and was trying to explain the whole thing to me. I'm slowly getting it! All I know is that he's a football freak so any excuse to watch a bunch of games works for him!