Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

Guess who just turned four! Chase!
I can't believe it!

On his actual birthday we got up and had birthday pancakes. My mom always did that with us on our birthdays when we were growing up so I thought we would start that tradition this year!
This is what birthday pancakes look like! (That's a "4" in case you can't tell ;)
We had a super fun birthday party at McDonald's the next day!
We made lots of noise!
Ava thinks she's so big!
Nothing like happy meals!
We put batman tattoos on the's the only good picture I have to show for it. :)
They're actually all sitting down!
Mom, enough pictures already!
Mom and dad get to stand and eat off the trash can while the kids sit at the table. How gross is that! (Way to look normal Preston)
Chase with one of his birthday presents!
Trying out his new Spiderman bike! (Can you tell we're into superheros right now!)


The Mangus Family said...

love the mask and teddy bear hooded towel look... awesome. great 4 pancakes. guess i need to learn how to make those in the next two months. macie is totally pumped about turning 4.

Kelli said...

So fun! Your kids are growing so fast, it is just crazy! They are seriously cute, I love those sweet little grins!

Anonymous said...
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